City of Bristol College, Ashley Down

The City of Bristol College site at Ashley Down comprised five huge Victorian orphanage buildings (Muller – after the founder of the orphanage, Davy, Cabot, Brunel and Allen) and numerous outbuildings in various stages of disrepair. All of the original orphanage buildings were listed (Grade II) in 1999, and the site is a Conservation Area. At the end of the 1990’s the College actively sought a development partner who would purchase part of the site, thereby allowing the rationalisation of the College facilities in the remaining part. Following numerous studies, the College decided to retain Brunel, Cabot and Davy, releasing approximately half of the site for redevelopment.

Our proposals for the refurbishment of these buildings, as well as the provision of over 4,000 sq. metres of new workshop and other accommodation were included in the developer’s planning application for the redevelopment of the rest of the site. Our developed designs for the refurbishment and new build elements were completed in 2005.