Planning Permission for Rural Housing

Planning Permission for Rural Housing

Planning Approval Granted for Housing in Chew Stoke

Our ‘reserved matters’ planning application for 5 dwellings and 25 car parking spaces for the adjacent Chew Kitchen cafe, has been approved by BANES Planning Committee.

Architects Presentation Gains Local Support

Our client, Rural Adventure Limited, made a number of presentations of the scheme to the local Parish Council, using drawings we had specifically prepared to demonstrate the limited impact these new houses would have on the adjacent dwellings. The presentation created local support for the scheme, resulting in a the Planning Officers objections being voted down and approval being granted.

Contemporary Design in Local Materials

The proposed dwellings are designed in a contemporary style, using a palette of materials from the local area. This makes an architectural transition between the larger commercial buildings on two sides of the application site and the Persimmon housing development on the other two sides. A ‘feature’ timber clad dormer and bay window on each house gives the scheme its unique identity.

Natural Daylighting and Low CO2

The design incorporates large windows and areas of glazing, with simple glazed units free of glazing bars, to allow maximum natural light to enter the houses.  Our proposal achieves 39 % CO2 reduction – well in excess of BANES 19% minimum – when calculated to BANES specific criteria.

Disabled Access and Car Parking

The original outline permission included a number of challenging requirements including full disabled access on a sloping site, 2 car parking places per dwelling and 25 car parking spaces for the adjacent cafe. These were met by very careful planning of each house and garden and the overall site so that optimal use was made of the whole area.